About Me

Thanks for deciding to spend some time at my little place on the Web – this page will be updated periodically, and is correct as of 29 March, 2013.

I can always be contacted by the following primary methods:

e: will[at]number-3.co.uk

and during office hours:

e: will[at]palringo.com

Who Am I?

Professionally, I’m a Project Manager primarily heading up Software Delivery at Palringo Ltd – based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK – although my day-to-day life is more a hybrid of Project and Product Management as well as Quality Assurance and User Experience – who ever said working at a small company was boring had no idea what they were talking about.

Palringo is a cross-platform massive Group Messaging application, with millions of users handling billions of messages every single day. Palringo is available on  iPhone, Android, Windows, OSX, and Windows Phone.  As well as involvement with sub-projects of  User Acquisition and Revenue Generation, Client Delivery is my main focus – nurturing close working ties with my developers we deliver client updates for each supported platform every calendar month. These releases have varying scopes, respond to user feedback and achieve various company targets. Release scope, as managed by myself and the platform’s Development Lead, utilises a mix of scrum/agile/lean methodologies.

My interests?

In a word – Technology.

But more specifically how it will shape the trajectory of humanity – the advances in Communication Tech just in my lifetime have caused some of the biggest pivots in recent history, the ‘Arab Spring’ being a perfect example of this.  ‘Space’ has been a keen interest of mine since I was a child – the sheer enormity of the expanse, and the opportunity to be part of a project involved with getting humans off Earth is a lifelong ambition.

Less so, I have an interest in behavioural psychology – yet would never profess a level of  understanding in any learned sense. However I do feel that software companies – particularly when designing UI/UX systems for frequent use – stand to learn a lot from this area.

Outside of work, I’m an avid swimmer, a keen reader, a wannabe film-buff, bit of an audiophile, dabbler in craft beer and – when the opportunity arises – an eager traveller.